The road has been good to us.  Not a flat tire, fender bender, overheating, or even a very serious traffic jam. We’ve made many new friends, and seen a ton of great music at a lot of super cool places. That said, three months is a long time. I wouldn’t say too long, just long. We’re growing weary. This way of life is not easy on the body, even with good food and sleep in our own bed of sorts. There may be some of you out there thinking I’m complaining; I’m not. We’re still loving it. Just ready to see those friends and loved ones we are missing, ready to work in the garden, clean a gutter, or just sit on the stoop of our house, in our hometown. It’s the home stretch, we are back in less than a week. I suppose after we’ve been home for a couple weeks the itch will return, and it will be time to start planning the travels all over again.  Even the bad nights are good in some way, learning to cope when things are less than ideal, because they usually are in life.  Thank you St. Louis, for being so warm and welcoming to us. Thank you Lawrence, Kansas for making a small town feel big. Thank you Chicago, for being so hip, if a bit chillier. We’re going home soon, just a little Wisconsin between us and 10,ooo lakes. And the closer we get, the better the beer gets. Especially Thank you Twin Cities, for being the place we will always be proud to call home, wherever we may roam. We’ll be back in your loving arms before long.

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