Drinkin’ in Lincoln

If Nebraska’s music scene is the subject, Omaha might be what first comes to mind, and Omaha is cool, but Lincoln is not to be ignored. The music scene here is solid, there are some really great venues and a lot of really great bands and music lovers. Over the years we have toured with one band or another, Lincoln  has always been a great stop for us. We were at Knickerbockers last night. It has a big hall and a great sound system, and although the place was far from packed, especially for a Saturday night, the people there were kind, welcoming, and best of all enthusiastic about music. We had a real solid set, after two rehearsals and three shows, it’s really coming together as a four piece, and people are loving the fullness and rockin feel, even though some miss the ethereal dreamy space we conjure as a duo. We played with two local acts: Guilty is the Bear, and Time Hammer. There is a vast world of difference between the two, but both were really enjoyable. Guilty is the Bear was a four-piece, now a three. I would describe it as fairly straightforward Indie with just a touch of alt-blues perhaps, it sometimes reminded me of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. Time Hammer really blew me away, these guys put on a hell of a show. Think of Beck songs delivered in the style of the Beastie Boys. Raucous, a bit raunchy, and a ton of great lively stage presence. If you ever get the chance, go to one of their shows. We went to an after party with a great driveway we could park the rig in for the night. A lovely campfire in a beautiful backyard and about twenty-five great friendly peeps kept us doing a sing-a-long and enjoying beverages until the sun was fully up. Fully up, like seven a.m. we finally hit the hay. Thanks for the good times y’all, it was really great.  Here’s a few of the pics from the evening.  I will now be making the full catalog of photos available here for your further viewing pleasure.

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