Dragonflys, Daymoths, Felines, and Furs. Schwervon!

Madison, Wisconsin has a new venue. The Dragonfly Lounge is a dimly lit basement room under a posh Italian restaurant on the Washington strip in Madison. It’s only been around for five months or so.  This place was swank and stylin’; the perfect spot for the awesome bill they put together for this balmy Saturday eve. We’ve done shows in Mad town before, from co-op house shows to big bars with too much room to fill. I’d say Dragonfly is the perfect addition to the city’s music scene, they’re doing it up right. We opened up the bill, and though the sweat was dripping from my brow like never before due to the sweltering Wisconsin heat, that’s rock n’ roll for you as it should be. We were followed up by Psychic Feline out of Portland, OR; a really tight and energetic post-punk trio. Schwervon! came next, a duo from Kansas City via NYC. Pretty straightforward Indie rock with superbly crafted vocal call and response arrangements, a very fun and listenable sound. Venus in Furs closed up the night with their Madison bred brand of danceable surf punk four piece awesomeness. It was an eclectic bill to be sure, but a well conceived one that flowed like proper Feng Shui. The best part of the evening; All too often the rock and punk scene is a big old sausage party with the players being so very male at a ratio of 10:1. Last night was an inspiration in that regard, the ladies represented in proper fashion this time.  Three bad-ass women bangin’ the drums in the other three acts made this chap look a bit like a sissy-boy. They all really tore it up. James Brown take note please; It’s not a man’s world anymore, the ladies bouts to melt yo’ face shreddin this scene apart.

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See all the pics from the night here.


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