247 miles; 87 degrees; 2$ Jag bombs; 0 problems.

Here we go again.

Welcome to the latest series in the Daymoths tour blog, where I tell you all the fascinating and enchanting tales of our life on the road with Gracie (the rig), and Daisy (the dog). We might just be a little crazy or foolhardy to be headed south right now in the middle of July; slated to arrive in sunny Florida and Georgia for what may be the hottest days of summer. It can’t get much hotter than ole Minnesota has been though, right?  Ha ha, we’ll just see about that. Des Moines is almost always our first stop on this southbound loop, since really, where would one stop in between? Albert Lea? Maybe Ames, Iowa. Next time. I hear the USDA veterinary labs are charming this time of year.

We had to throw together a sort of last minute show at Vaudeville Mews, as our show at the GasLamp fell apart for whatever silly reason. Dresden Style is an eclectic mix of men, and it comes through in their music. Solid rock n roll with enough quirks to keep it interesting. Dan, the drummer, has a big driveway for Gracie, and a big backyard for Daisy. It’s always nice to enjoy the Iowa hospitality on our first day back out, as it can be a little chaotic getting everything organized and running smoothly at first. Fetal Pig was the other Iowa band that shared the bill last night. Really tight Post-punk sound that I think would be cherished in the Twin Cities, we’re gonna have to bring them up for a show when they hit the road.

A really nice rainstorm cooled things off this morning, I imagine it’s headed north, so folks in MN may get a nice respite some time today. I can already feel the water evaporating into the air, bringing the humidity back to those uncomfortable dewpoints we all know and love. This should be an interesting adventure in sweatiness. I may take to wearing nothing but a towel as I drive, though that may get a little too funny if we were to get pulled over or something.  See you tonight Omaha, keep the AC cranked for us if you would be so kind.


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