It’s been a bit more than a week out on this tour.  In the past we have had so few problems and such smooth sailing that I had nearly forgotten how many challenges this kind of undertaking can pose. This trip has been a poignant reminder of those challenges so far. Perhaps it was because I didn’t knock on any wood when I said zero problems in my last post, which was the first of this Daymoths summer tour 2012. I’ll share a few of the major ones just to give an idea.

Cracked coolant reservoir in 105 degree heat = unhappy chevy big block pulling 9 ton motorhome. Solution: epoxy resin+ putty+ barely adequate sculpting skills.  So far it has held.

Generator starter motor failed+ AC dependent on generator+ no breeze= extremely hot and stifling nights and mornings for sleeping. Solution= none so far, no one has had the parts or expertise to fix the damn thing on the time frame we are working with, they all need two days plus however long it takes to get the part ordered. We have decided to just learn to love the sweat, and try to stay hydrated. Thankfully, it’s actually a bit cooler and comfortable down south than it was in the Midwest. A bit.

Blow out on inside dually tire+narrow shoulder on heavily used freeway=uncomfortably close to very fast moving 18 wheelers. Solution= crawl at 10 mph on remaining tire to next exit, where, by some miracle of serendipity, there is a travel stop with a tire shop, where the friendly, but somewhat hard to understand technician took care of a swap within 40 minutes for only 30 bucks. Back in action.

Long drives+lots of drumming+sleeping somewhat poorly= sore back to the max. Solution= a day off at Kort and Kristin’s in Tampa where we enjoyed the pool, the jacuzzi in a rainstorm, and an evening of vegging out in front of the TV with some pizza and a nice air conditioned bedroom to sleep in. Hallelujah! Thank you so very much for being the kind, hospitable people you are.

Anyway, these and a few other small difficulties aside, we have been having some really great shows and meeting some really great people. I finally got a new camera before our show in Tampa on Saturday, so I’ve got some pics to share, I know you all want to have the visual to accompany the literal. We played at Yeoman’s road Pub on Davis Island just south of Tampa proper. Therapeutic Chokehold opened the evening with some good old fashioned Grunge/Post-punk that reminded me of things like Fugazi and Nirvana in good ways. We played second, and were well received, the scene in Florida is really a lot better than touring musicians generally make it out to be. Benjamin Zero closed out the night with some spot on Industrial electronica that honestly would have fit better in a different venue with a better booming sound system, but was delivered with aplomb despite the lack of subs to fill out the low end most people need to dance to that kind of stuff.  

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Check out the full album from that show here.

We shall persevere, and we shall prevail. If the universe is testing our will to continue this venture, so be it. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last. Every drop of sweat that pours off my brow can serve as an affirmation of commitment to continue doing this. This world of travel and music is our life, our love, our progeny. There is very little we would not do to keep making it happen. Perhaps the rest of this tour will prove problem free, perhaps not. We’re trucking on either way, and we love it. Cheers to you all at home and abroad; miss you, love you, until next time, Adieu.


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