Lake Worth totally worth it.

If every smallish town along the Atlantic coast of Florida had a music scene like Lake Worth does, we could spend weeks just touring in the area. Tuesday nights’ show was at the Speakeasy Lounge, one of several good venues in this little coastal nook. With good sound, friendly bartenders, great drink specials, a built in audience of regulars, and a 5 am closing time,what’s not to like? We played in the middle of a rock sandwich; Casey Hopkins duo opened up with an energy and guitar tone that would impress the likes of Jack White himself. After us was Montage, a trio that might be described as Art-rock, but holds a solid enough beat to bob your head to and tasty melodies to boot. As usual when we come to Lake Worth, we had a really fun night and partied down until the crickets quit and the birds started in. A day at Jupiter beach just a bit north gave us a chance to recover before our show tonight in Orlando.  Let’s have some more fun! WordPress photo uploader sometimes works right. not this time apparently. Check out the full photo album from Lake Worth.


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