Show pics galore

The time schedules have been quite a bit more rigorous this time around. It’s been difficult to find enough free moments to stop and reflect on the experiences, let alone write about them and share with all of you.  I’ll just describe the average work day we have right now to give an idea. Basically it’s a ten hour day, every day. Wake up approximately 11-12 o’clock; make coffee; hydrate; attempt to eat something nutritious; a quick check of the facebook to connect with friends made night before and promote show for night to come. 12-1 o’clock: get navigation info for next destination; get gasoline; check oil; check tire pressure; get rollin. 1-6 o’clock: drive, drive, drive. 5 hours is about an average one. sometimes less, often more. 6-8 o’clock: unwind, nap if possible, stretch, make dinner of some kind. 8-9 o’clock: check in at venue; unload gear; find parking; make sure daisy is provided for since we’ll be away for a while. 9-11 o’clock: network with people at the bar; other bands, old friends, new friends, crazy “that guys”, promoters, etc. 11-12 o’clock: Play our music; not the easiest part, but the best. 12-2 o’clock: watch other bands; sell merchandise; have a few; pack up gear; load up the rig; we’re done, unless theres an afterbar, which happens frequently, but I’m not counting that part of the workday, nor the 6-8 dinner break, nor the morning coffee time. It’s great!

So… Instead of trying to tell you about each and every show we’ve played since my last post, I’m just going to put up some links to the photo albums and let the pics speak for themselves.

Stardust Coffee and video, Orlando, FL with Safehouse and Ricin House

Burro Bar, Jacksonville, FL with Safehouse, Formata, and Tuffy

The Wormhole, Savannah, GA with Each and Every Opus and Habitat Noise

Alley Cat, Carrollton, GA with Rational Anthem and String Bikini Cello by Emily

Go Bar, Athens, GA with Young Benjamin

And…a backyard boat in Jacksonville I thought was pretty cool.


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