Don’t much care for bourbon.

I don’t much care for bourbon, but I like Kentucky. This was the frontier once too. You may remember hearing in history class about “the shots heard round the world” in reference to the first battle of the revolutionary war that brought independence from Great Britain to these United States we live in.  Those shots rang out in a place called Lexington, Massachusetts. As the story goes, the small settlement in central Kentucky, then a part of the commonwealth of Virginia, heard of this happening and decided to name their new town Lexington. This would become Lexington, Kentucky; a city founded as this country was born. Talk about some history, right.  Truly a fascinating city, I’m sure I only scratched the surface of what there is to know of this place.

We played at Al’s Bar on N Limestone st. A very straightforward kind of place, it was really jumpin on a Saturday night. Four bands shared the stage; The Middle Fork, Daymoths, I Like You, and The Butchers. It was a varied set to be sure.  We drank 1$ cheap beer. a lot of it. You know how that goes. A catfish sandwich and fries provided a good base. Lexington has a very friendly and supportive music scene; people listen, applaude, and enjoy when they get to see live music. We had a fun night, and no where to be the next day. I woke up and got a maple bacon doughnut, then walked down N Limestone to check out some of the sights I could see.  Really, the historic district just south of Al’s on this street is an incredible window into the past, and I learned quite a bit.  Now, I’m pretty sure Kentucky is a Red state, but by the sheer number of Obama signs, and relative dearth of Romney ones, I’d peg Lexington for a blue city. It’s a really nice place, very friendly people, we’ll be back this way for sure.

here are a few pics. check out the full album from the show here, and the full sightseeing album here.

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